Some thoughts about game development

We haven’t updated our blog lately, so i’ll shed some light on our work.
3 years ago we started our journey in game development. We done and learned a lot. We proactively use rapid prototyping practises to fill our code libraries, improve all aspects of game development and bring something innovative. It helped us a lot, we made lots of prototypes, part of them was burried and other part is on our list for future realeases. It takes us about week for one prototype. This flexibility allowed us to experiment, make mistakes, learn from them and try many game elements in short time. One of the best things about rapid prototyping that it doesn’t oblige you to make good polished version and frees you up from perfectionism. It’s prototype after all. It’s fun to make something playable quickly. So core pros of rapid prototyping from our experience:
1) Short development cycles.
2) Having core gameplay mechanic which is fun and playable despite graphics.
3) Picking most suitable game idea for your next project from pool of prototypes.
4) Testing game idea very early and deciding is it best choice for full game.
5) Having absolute freedom for experimentations.

During all our development we mainly focus on HTML5 and Flash technologies. Both served very well even they have their own flaws. All “HTML5 vs Flash” debates are useless, best option is to pick right tool for the job and i writing this from my own experience. So let me point out some issues. HTML5 game development is easy to learn or adapt if you coming from flash/actionscript environment. Main problems we faced are sound issues, performance in different mobile devices and dependency of browsers. Different browsers gives different results. Couple months ago after chrome was updated, all our games was impacted, we found out that soundtrack loop wasn’t working, so all HTML5 games developed in the past required quick fix. Out of curiosity we checked other developers games on in different portals, we found out same issues occured to every one, but are not fixed until this day. So it leaves us at disantvage with HTML5 if similar issues occurs and if they are not addressed it impact on game quality. Performance is another issue sometimes, it depends how big games we try to develop. We had to suppress our creativity, scale down and cut out features. Small simple games are good, but sometimes we intent to do something bigger but performance issues dragging us down on mobile web. On desktop web we haven’t any performance problems it serves as good as flash based game. So either it’s mobile web or game app wrapped with third party tools it doesn’t satisfies our needs. It’s like HTML5 made promises but doesn’t delivered or maybe it’s our fault. To make this clear, i don’t discourage others to use HTML5 for game development, but be aware of issues that technologies has. So pick right tools for job and there is plenty to choose from (Flash, Phaser, Cocos2d, Construct2).

Our next interest is game development with unity.

Lead developer, Tomas