Some thoughts about game development

We haven't updated our blog lately, so i'll shed some light on our work. 3 years ago we started our journey in game development. We done and learned a lot. We proactively use rapid prototyping practises to fill our code libraries, improve all aspects of game development and bring something innovative. It helped us a lot, we made lots of prototypes, part of them was burried and other part is on our list for future realeases. It takes us about week for one prototype.READ MORE

Dev tip: proportional resizing in Starling

During Steps development we had problems with game resolution and resizing in different Android devices. So many developers was looking for clear answer how to implement proportional resizing. After many trials and errors we found out the solution.READ MORE

Peace Bubbles sequel

For the last couple months we worked hard to finish all our casual game projects. We decided to extend our Peace Bubble universe, so we finished second entry to series.READ MORE
Peace Bubbles 2

Steps upcoming mobile game

We've been busy during last months, i'll shed some light in the next posts about inner working in our team. We try harder to update our blog in the future. Today we announce our first upcoming mobile game Steps.READ MORE

First game - small game.

Well maybe this one is actually obvious for many of you, but still i'll share personal experience. About 3 years ago i started a project, a BIG project, it was first time game development and there was hell of a thing to learn about it. It's a classy thing to be hyped by enthusiasm at start and hope for big archievement.READ MORE

Peace Bubbles launched!

Are you sick of violence, chaos and wars?! Engage your enemies in peaceful way. Blow three types of bubbles and enjoy the peace! After long time of prototyping and design tinkering, we launch our first game "Peace Bubbles", on the web. Beat your enemies, beat your highscore, challange your friends and have fun!READ MORE